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Who are we?

A software development company that provides innovative solutions to keep your organization pace with the digital world. We provide innovative and technical solutions for the various business sectors in your educational institution that meet your customers' needs and always put you in the foreground.


What is Edecx ?

An integrated system ensures the organization of communications between administrators, teachers, students and parents, whereby student information, payments and other administrative tasks are automated, and the possibility of error is reduced.

Learning Management
System & Website

An interactive and renewable system is concerned with providing the required addition to learners through digital content that supports its education and mechanisms that ensure communication with parents and provide them with the necessary information about the school's activities.

Digital Content

We provide high-quality electronic content “Videos” for your educational institution with an integrated team of teachers, trainers and montage experts to cover school curriculum.

Admin Panel

Our system allows the system administrator to easily follow the entire system with smooth use of all services and pages in order to provide a fast and powerful work system for the school and officials


The daily classes for students are displayed in an interactive schedule that allows the teacher to raise all his classes throughout the school year. It also allows the student and the parents to easily follow the course of the school day and the daily classes for each student in a smooth and comfortable system.


The system provides the ability to follow up all the financial transactions of the school, including school fees and internal expenses, in an easy and safe way that enables officials to make financial reports smoothly and quickly at the same time.

Customer Service

We developed the awareness and understanding of our employees in the Customer Service Centre to suit customers' needs, handle their requirements professionally, and provide fast and optimal solutions.


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